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Zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement

In: Datenreport 2021
Bonn : Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
S. 399-407
Statistisches Bundesamt /Datenreport
| Mareike Alscher, Eckhard Priller, Luise Burkhardt
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Subjektives Wohlbefinden und Sorgen

In: Datenreport 2021
Bonn : Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
S. 409-419
Statistisches Bundesamt /Datenreport
| Theresa Iglauer, Jürgen Schupp, Maximilan Priem

Wie geht es den Deutschen?

Dieses Interview ist am 10.06.2021 auf ZEIT Online erschienen. DIE ZEIT: Herr Liebig, als Chef des Soziooekonomischen Panels sind Sie Herr über einen riesigen Datenschatz. Seit 1984 misst das Panel, was die Menschen in Deutschland bewegt, und befragt dafür 30.000 von ihnen intensiv und immer wieder. Wie geht es den Deutschen? Stefan Liebig: Wirtschaftlich trotz der Pandemie ganz gut. In ...

10.06.2021| Stefan Liebig
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Resuming Social Contact after Months of Contact Restrictions: Social Traits Moderate Associations between Changes in Social Contact and Well-being

Humans possess a need for social contact. Satisfaction of this need benefits well-being, whereas deprivation is detrimental. However, how much contact people desire is not universal, and evidence is mixed on individual differences in the association between contact and well-being. This preregistered longitudinal study (N = 190) examined changes in social contact and well-being (life satisfaction, depressivity/anxiety) ...

In: Journal of Research in Personality 98 (2022), 104223 | Michael D. Krämer, Yannick Roos, David Richter, Cornelia Wrzus
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Experienced Well-Being and Labor Market Status: The Role of Pleasure and Meaning

This paper examines the experienced well-being of employed and unemployed workers. We use the survey-adapted Day Reconstruction Method of the Innovation Sample of the German Socio-Economic Panel Study to analyze the role of the employment status for well-being, incorporating time use. We use the novel P-index to summarize the average share of pleasurable minutes on a day and show that in contrast to ...

In: Social Indicators Research (2020), im Ersch. [Online first: 2022-03-28] | Tobias Wolf, Maria Metzing, Richard E. Lucas
SOEP Brown Bag Seminar

An introduction to respondent-driven sampling (RDS) with case studies

Declining response rates have made traditional, probability-based sampling methods more resource-intensive and thus more expensive. Studies of population subgroups are particularly vulnerable to this trend, as smaller group sizes as well as other factors often make these groups "hard-to-reach" or "hard-to-survey". In response, researchers have increasingly relied on network...

04.04.2022| Mariel McKone Leonard, DeZIM - German Center for Integration and Migration Research
SOEPpapers 1163 / 2022

Are Retirees More Satisfied? Anticipation and Adaptation Effects: A Causal Panel Analysis of German Statutory Insured and Civil Service Pensioners

This study contributes to the subjective well-being and retirement literature by quantifying life satisfaction before (4) and after retirement (9+) periods asking: Are retirees more satisfied? Fixed-effects and causal instrumental variables (IV) estimates with individual longitudinal data of the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP, 33 waves) analyze anticipation and adaptation retirement effects of statutory ...

2022| Joachim Merz
SOEPpapers 1164 / 2022

In Debt but Still Happy? – Examining the Relationship Between Homeownership and Life Satisfaction

We investigate the relationship between homeownership and life as well as housing satisfaction. Using panel data from Germany, we find that compared to renting, owning a home positively impacts housing satisfaction. Contrarily, we find no significant effects on life satisfaction in the long-term. Analysing short-term effects in an event-study design, we show that both life and housing satisfaction ...

2022| Sebastian Will, Timon Renz
SOEPpapers 1159 / 2022

Physical and Mental Health Changes in the Five Years before and Five Years after Childbirth: A Population-Based Panel Study in First-Time Mothers and Fathers from Germany

Background: The transition to parenthood is characterized by far-reaching changes in life. However, little prospective-longitudinal evidence from general population samples exists on changes of general physical and mental health in the years around the birth of a child among mothers and fathers. Methods: Using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP), this study examined continuous and ...

2022| Eva Asselmann, Susan Garthus-Niegel, Susanne Knappe, Julia Martini
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