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Claudia Saalbach

Claudia Saalbach

Research Associate of the

German Socio-Economic Panel study Research Infrastructure


+49 30 89789 - 320
Research Topics and Working Areas

Claudia Saalbach is a research associate in the Data Operation and Research Data Center at SOEP.
She studied sociology in Konstanz and Potsdam and was a research associate at the Chair for Methods of Empirical Social Research at the University of Potsdam and at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam.
In her research, she is interested in metadata in the survey life cycle as well as in the influence of technical and visual aspects of survey modes on data quality.



Open, Metadata-Enriched, Non-Proprietary Data Format for Data Dissemination

Claudia Saalbach, Xiaoyao Han
[Online], 05.10.2022 - 06.10.2022
| Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Conference 2022: Virtual Event

Open Data Format: ein offenes Datenformat für den Einsatz mit gängigen Statistik-Programmen

Claudia Saalbach, Xiaoyao Han, Knut Wenzig
Münster, 20.09.2022 - 23.09.2022
| Statistische Woche 2022

Data Dissemination: Web Findability and Open Data Format

Brigitte Mathiak, Xiaoyao Han, Claudia Saalbach,
[Online], 18.01.2022
| NFDI-Infra Talk [Online]

Open Data Format: Metadata Enriched, Non-Proprietary Data Format for Data Dissemination

Xiaoyao Han, Claudia Saalbach, Knut Wenzig
[Online], 30.11.2021 - 01.12.2021
| 13th Annual European DDI User Conference: EDDI21. Organized Jointly by CDSP, GESIS and IDSC of IZA, Virtually

Open Data Format: TA.3-M.5

Xiaoyao Han, Claudia Saalbach, Knut Wenzig
[Online], 04.11.2021
| Task Area 3 - Quartalstreffen: Konsortium für die Sozial-, Verhaltens-, Bildungs- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften [Online]

Research Projects