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Michaela Engelmann retires

Report of August 31, 2018

Michaela Engelmann's voice is very familiar to many data users and respondents. Since 2005, it has answered telephone inquiries from SOEP users and forwarded questions to experts in the SOEP team. Since 2008 she has also been the contact person for the SOEP interviewees at DIW Berlin. More than a dozen waves of SOEP data have been sent to researchers either as DVDs or digitally provided in encrypted form for several years, thus transmitting countless passwords.

Michaela Engelmann began working for the DIW Berlin in 1978 after completing her apprenticeship. She worked in several departments as a team assistant and later as a technical editor for the DIW before joining SOEP in 2005. Since then she has been in charge of the SOEP hotline, built up the SOEP contract management, participated in the conception and implementation of SOEP user surveys, and designed and produced several user-friendly online documentation. From 2011 to 2015, she was also responsible for compliance with the SOEP trainee training plan for market and social research trainees (FAMS).

After 40 years with DIW Berlin, the SOEP team wishes Michaela all the best for her well-deserved retirement.

From September 1, 2018, Janine Napieraj will be in charge of the SOEP hotline and will also be the first point of contact for SOEP data users in contractual matters.