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Dr. Heike Link

Dr. Heike Link

Research Associate of the

Energy, Transportation, Environment Department


+49 30 89789 - 312
Research Topics and Working Areas

Heike Link is Head of the Transportation Research Team. She joined DIW in 1992 after studies in Mathematical Economics and a PhD thesis on dynamic input-output models. Her research interest is the econometric analysis of issues mainly in transport infrastructure. Heike has been in charge for a variety of national and international research and consultancy projects on infrastructure issues, the economic effects of infrastructure investment, transport pricing including acceptability of and response on pricing policies, as well as railway economics such as access pricing, rail competition and efficiency analysis in the rail sector. The clients of these projects include institutions in Germany such as the Transport Ministry, the Federal Environmental Board and the Federal Road Authority, the European Commission, the OECD and national institutions in Europe as for example in Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and in the UK. Her work has been published both in international refereed journals and as book contributions.



Diskussionspapiere 1898 / 2020

A Duration Approach for Estimating the Marginal Renewal Cost at German Motorways

2020| Neil Murray, Heike Link
Diskussionspapiere 1474 / 2015

About Attitudes and Perceptions: Finding the Proper Way to Consider Latent Variables in Discrete Choice Models

2015| Francisco J. Bahamonde-Birke, Uwe Kunert, Heike Link, Juan de Dios Ortúzar
Diskussionspapiere 1415 / 2014

Liberalization of the Interurban Coach Market in Germany: Do Attitudes and Perceptions Drive the Choice between Rail and Coach?

2014| Francisco J. Bahamonde-Birke, Uwe Kunert, Heike Link, Juan de Dios Ortúzar
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Wie verzögert erfolgen Erhaltungsmaßnahmen auf deutschen Autobahnen? - Eine Analyse für den Zeitraumvon 1997 bis 2015

In: Zeitschrift für Verkehrswissenschaft 92 (2022), 1, S. 1-26 | Lucas Steffen Auer, Neil Murray, Heike Link
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Highway Conditions and Insufficient Maintenance in Germany: A Threat for Economic Growth?

In: Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 55 (2021), 4, S. 308–333 | Dennis Gaus, Heike Link
Weitere Aufsätze

Estimating the Capital Stock of Transport Infrastructure

In: Roger Vickerman (Ed.) , International Encyclopedia of Transportation
Amsterdam: Elsevier
S. 449-456
| Heike Link
Externe referierte Aufsätze

On the Difficulties to Calculate Infrastructure Charges for Heavy Goods Vehicles: A Review of 15 Years’ Experience in Germany

In: Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 55 (2021), 2, S. 141–162 | Heike Link

Recherche, Berechnung und Zusammenstellung von Daten für das Taschenbuch „Verkehr in Zahlen“ - Ausgabe 2020/2021: Methodenbericht 2020/2021

Berlin: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V., 2020, 60 S. | Christine Eisenmann, Katja Köhler, Angelika Schulz, Isabel Seiffert, Sabine Radke, Heike Link, Dennis Gaus



Zum Kostenbegriff in der KFV-Statistik

Heike Link
Neuchatel, Schweiz, 07.11.2019 - 08.11.2019
| Expertenworkshop KFV-Statistik

Effects of Road Capital and Quality on Regional Productivity and Production

Dennis Gaus, Heike Link
Paris, Frankreich, 12.06.2019 - 14.06.2019
| ITEA 2019 Annual Conference and School on Transportation Economics

Auswirkungen von Qualität und Quantität der Bundesfernstraßen auf die regionale Produktivität in Deutschland

Dennis Gaus, Heike Link
Berlin, 23.05.2019 - 24.05.2019
| Konferenz Verkehrsökonomik und -politik, Technische Universität Berlin

Cost Recovery and Economic Efficiency of Track Access Charging in Germany

Heike Link
Amsterdam, Niederlande, 04.04.2019 - 05.04.2019
| Track Access Charges Summit – RailTech 2018

Introducing Competition into Rail Passenger Services: Lessons from European Experience

Heike Link
Stockholm, Schweden, 13.08.2017 - 17.08.2017
| International Conference Series on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport: Thredbo 2017

Research Projects

Research Project

Transport in Figures

Current Project| Energy, Transportation, Environment
Research Project

CATRIN (Cost Allocation of Transport Infrastructure Cost)

Completed Project| Energy, Transportation, Environment
Research Project

Development of an Evaluation Frame for the Introduction of Electromobility (DEFINE)

Completed Project| Energy, Transportation, Environment
Research Project

Generalisation of Research on Accounts and Cost Estimation - GRACE

Completed Project| Energy, Transportation, Environment
Research Project

Wegekosten und Wegekostendeckung des Straßen- und Schienenverkehrs in Deutschland im Jahre 2007

Completed Project| Energy, Transportation, Environment