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  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Tuition Fees and Educational Attainment

    Following a landmark court ruling in 2005, more than half of Germany’s universities started charging tuition fees, which were later abolished in a staggered manner. We exploit the fact that even students who were already enrolled had to start paying fees. We show that fees increase study effort and degree completion among these students. However, fees also decrease first-time university enrollment ...

    In: European Economic Review 154 (2023), 104431, 28 S. | Jan Bietenbeck, Andreas Leibing, Jan Marcus, Felix Weinhardt
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Family Care during the First COVID-19 Lockdown in Germany: Longitudinal Evidence on Consequences for the Well-Being of Caregivers

    We examine changes in the well-being of family caregivers during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany, using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) and the SOEP-CoV study. The COVID-19 pandemic posed an extraordinary challenge for family caregivers, as care recipients are a high-risk group requiring special protection, and professional care services were severely cut back. ...

    In: European Journal of Ageing 20 (2023), 1, 15, 11 S. | Katja Möhring, Sabine Zinn, Ulrike Ehrlich
  • Workshop

    “Next steps for HANK” Workshop

    22.05.2023| Florin Bilbiie, Maximilian Weiß, Federica Romei, Xavier Ragot, Leanne Nam, Alisdair McKay, Hannah Magdalena Seidl, Fabian Seyrich
  • Graduate Center Masterclasses

    Heterogeneous Agent Macroeconomics: Methods and Applications

    The course provides participants with the tools to develop and analyze business cycle models with heterogenous agents. This class of models has become the new standard in the business cycle literature and allows to analyze the interaction of the business cycle and the distribution of consumption, income, and wealth. The focus of the course is on numerical methods. Coding exercises in class are an...

    12.07.2023| Ralph Lütticke
  • Graduate Center Short Course

    Transition and Duration Models

    Objectives Students will study models of transitions and durations, and learn how to estimate these using realworld data.   Outline This course is an introduction to modelling transitions into a state of interest (such as the transition into employment from unemployment) and durations (such as unemployment, survival of patients after medical treatment or firms after a financial crash). We...

    30.10.2023| Christian Schluter
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    No Evidence for Transactional Effects between Religiosity and Self-Esteem in a Secular Country

    This research tests the unique predictions of three different theoretical perspectives on the self-esteem benefits of religiosity: the religiosity-as-a-personal-relationship-with-a-higher-power perspective, the religiosity-as-a-resource perspective, and the religiosity-as-social-value perspective. To do so, we used random-intercept cross-lagged panel models and examined the between- and within-person ...

    In: Social Psychological and Personality Science im Ersch. (2022) | Theresa Entringer, Madeline R. Lenhausen, Christopher J. Hopwood, Wiebke Bleidorn
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Toward a Systemic Approach to Energy Transformation in Algeria

    This paper examines the drivers of Algeria's energy transformation as well as the cross-cutting issues and challenges in the transformation process. It suggests a framework that accelerates sustainable transformation based on the ideologies of systemic reasoning. Interviews were conducted with 20 energy experts in Algeria, along with a content analysis of policy documents, reports, and previous studies. ...

    In: Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration 8 (2023), S. 365–379 | Khadidja Sakhraoui, Albert K. Awopone, Christian von Hirschhausen, Noara Kebir, Redha Agadi
  • Infographic

    Refugee women's labor market participation is increasing

  • DIW Weekly Report 19/20 / 2023

    Employment Opportunities of Refugee Women in Germany Are Improving Despite Starting at a Disadvantage

    The majority of refugee women who arrived in Germany during the peak of the refugee crisis between 2013 and 2019 are unemployed. Using data from the IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees, this study investigates the contributing factors for refugee women’s limited labor market participation. Results show that a combination of low levels of education compared to the German population, slow progress in language ...

    2023| Adriana Cardozo Silva
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    The Inequity Z: Income Fairness Perceptions in Europe across the Income Distribution

    Using data from the European Social Survey, we examine income fairness evaluations of 17,605 respondents from 28 countries. Respondents evaluated the fairness of their own incomes as well as the fairness of the incomes of the top and bottom income deciles in their countries. Depicted on a single graph, these income fairness evaluations take on a Z-shaped form, which we call the "inequity Z". The inequity ...

    In: Socius (2023), 9, S. 1-3 | Fabian Kalleitner, Sandra Bohmann
14766 results, from 1