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  • Graduate Center Minicourses

    Introduction to Webscraping

    This short course is meant to give an overview over the most common web scraping techniques. The idea is to have an interactive course in which the participants get their hands on actual code and work with it. Therefore, please bring your own computers, if possible. The main aim is to cover several approaches that are needed to scrape different types of data from different websites. In...

    01.09.2022| Kevin Tran
  • Graduate Center Masterclasses

    Elements of Forecasting

    This series of lectures considers econometrics issues that arise in the process of forecasting. We will see that several basic econometric notions need to be reconsidered when forecasting. An important starting point when forecasting is the underlying motivation for the forecast, which can be summarised in the loss function. We then move to multistep forecasting, forecasting in changing...

    12.10.2022| Prof. Dr. Andreas Pick
  • Press Release

    German leading research institutions bring Europe's largest social science panel study to Berlin

    The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) will enrich the science location Berlin. The founding partners now signed the partnership agreement for the new SHARE Berlin Institute. SHARE will in future be embedded in a collaboration of four leading research institutions: the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), the Charité ...

  • Personnel news

    Jan Berkes has successfully defended his dissertation

    Jan Berkes has successfully defended his dissertation "Causes and Consequences of Educational Attainment and Household Decisions - Six Essays in Applied Microeconomics" supervised by Katharina Spieß (1st supervisor) and Lukas Menkhoff (2nd supervisor) at Free University Berlin. Congratulations!

  • Personnel news

    Daniel Graeber has successfully (with summa cum laude!) defended his dissertation

    Daniel Graeber has successfully (with summa cum laude!) defended his dissertation "Socio-Economic Causes and Consequences of Individual Health as well as Public Health Crises" supervised by Professor Dr. Marco Caliendo (1st supervisor) and Professor Dr. Daniel D. Schnitzlein (2nd supervisor) at University of Potsdam. Congratulations!

  • Personnel news

    Lukas Boer has successfully defended his dissertation

    Lukas Boer has successfully defended his dissertation "Essays in International Finance, Energy Economics, and Applied Times Series Econometrics" supervised by Lukas Menkhoff (1st supervisor) and by Michael Burda (2nd supervisor) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Congratulations!

  • Personnel news

    Catalina Martinez Hernandez has successfully defended her dissertation

    Catalina Martinez Hernandez has successfully defended her dissertation "Essays on Large Data Sets and Unbalanced Panels in Empirical Macroeconomics" supervised by Helmut Lütkepohl at Freie Universität Berlin. Congratulations!

  • Personnel news

    Nuria Boot has successfully defended her dissertation

    Nuria Boot has successfully defended her dissertation "Essays on Common Ownership and Financial Benchmark Rates" supervised by Prof. Dr. Jo Seldeslachts at KU Leuven. Congratulations!

  • Graduate Center Masterclasses

    Text Mining and Machine Learning with Application to Macro

    The DIW Graduate Center is pleased to offer a masterclass on text mining by Stephen Hansen, Imperial College London. Details on the dates of the events will be announced in due time.

    13.09.2022| Stephen Hansen
  • Graduate Center Masterclasses

    Complementarity Modeling in Energy Markets

    The DIW Graduate Center is pleased to offer a masterclass on complementary modeling in energy markets by Steven A. Gabriel.  We will review optimization problems (linear/nonlinear) and then introduce equilibrium problems expressed as mixed complementarity problems (MCPs).  These latter problems have a diverse set of applications including market equilibrium/non-cooperative...

    28.09.2022| Steven A. Gabriel
118 results, from 1