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  • Personnel news

    Boryana Ilieva has successfully defended her dissertation

    Boryana Ilieva, who worked at the Public Economics department, has successfully defended her dissertation at Humboldt University of Berlin. The dissertation with the title "Essays on Labor Economics, Dynamic Decision Making and the Role of Gender" was supervised by Prof. Georg Weizsäcker, Ph. D. and Prof. Dr. Peter Haan. We congratulate Boryana on her success and wish her all the best for her future ...

  • Personnel news

    Shan Huang has successfully defefended her dissertation

    Shan Huang has successfully defended her dissertation at the University of Copenhagen. The dissertation with the title "Essays on the economics of health care provision" was supervised by Professor Dr. Hannes Ullrich (DIW Berlin and University of Copenhagen). Shan was a PhD student at the Firms and Markets Department and GC class of 2017. We congratulate her on her success and wish her all the best ...

  • Report

    We stand in solidarity with Israel

    The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and its Executive Board join the Alliance of Science Organisations in expressing solidarity with Israel. "The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany expresses its deepest condolences for the victims of the terrorist attacks on Israel. In particular, our sympathy is with our friends and colleagues in the Israeli scientific community. Israel ...

  • Press Release

    Former DIW Berlin President Gert G. Wagner has Passed Away

    Gert G. Wagner passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on January 28, 2024, at the age of 71. He led the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) for many years and later served as the Chairman of the Executive Board (President) of DIW Berlin. “DIW Berlin owes a great deal to Gert G. Wagner. For over 30 years, he made irreplaceable contributions to the development ...

  • Report

    SOEP and British panel study “UK-HLS” agree on closer cooperation

    The leadership of both SOEP and “Understanding Society” (The UK Household Longitudinal Study) announced that they will intensify their long-standing collaboration in the future. They intend to coordinate closely on current challenges that large panel studies face, thereby pooling their comprehensive expertise. In addition, the employees of both studies will benefit from mutual exchange on all topics ...

    12.12.2023| Sabine Zinn
  • Personnel news

    Alexander Roth has successfully defended his dissertation

    Alexander Roth, who works at the Energy, Transportation, Environment department, has successfully defended his dissertation at Technische Universität Berlin. The dissertation with the title "Five essays in energy economics - Numerical and empirical perspectives on the decarbonization of the energy sector" was supervised by Prof. Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen. We congratulate Alexander on his success ...

  • Personnel news

    Laura Schmitz has successfully defended her dissertation

    Congratulations to Laura Schmitz for her dissertation defense. Her dissertation was titled 'Understanding the Impact of Education and Environmental Policy on Human Capital Formation: Four Essays in Applied Economics', Katharina Spiess and Felix Weinhardt were her supervisors. Laura will not be leaving us, but is now starting as a PostDoc in the Energy, Transport, Environment Department.

  • Nachrichten

    Application Portal for the GC PhD Program 2024 Is Open

    Start of the next application period for our PhD programm (cohort starting in 2024) began on November 13, 2023. The deadline is February 11, 2024. We look forward to your application! Apply here!

    16.01.2024| Daniela Centemero
  • Scientific Skills Workshops

    Job Market Interview Training (“Mock Interviews”)

    A face to face interview is something every student will go through at some point in their career.In the academic job market, it is the central process to convince potential employers of yourfuture research prospects. Outside academia the focus is less on research, but performing well inthe interview is nonetheless essential to get the job you want. Handling a job interviewsuccessfully is not an...

    06.11.2023| Sigrid Pearson
  • Personnel news

    Application portal for the Graduate Center PhD program 2024 is open now

    Apply now for the PhD program in Economics at the DIW Graduate Center! The application portal is now open and we look forward to receiving your application for a PhD position at DIW by February 11, 2024!  All information on the requirements, the application process and the program structure can be found here:

152 results, from 1