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Berlin Lunchtime Meeting

Taxing inheritances – a way to raise revenues and curb wealth inequality?

In Germany, 200 to 400 billion euros are inherited or donated every year. Inheritances are unevenly distributed, with wealthy households receiving far greater inheritances than poor households, and inheritances and gifts are taxed only lightly compared with earned income. As inequalities are increasing, particularly since the onset of the COVID crisis, and governments are under pressure to find...

06.07.2021| Bethany Millar-Powell, Sarah Perret, Roland Franke, Matthias Rumpf, Stefan Bach
Seminar of the Macro Department


11.01.2022| Alexander Kriwoluzky
Seminar of the Macro Department


22.02.2022| Hannah Magdalena Seidl
Seminar of the Macro Department

Wealth inequality cycles

25.01.2022| Sören Gaum
Seminar of the Macro Department

A 200-hundered Year EMBI

05.04.2022| Josefin Meyer
Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

Carbon pricing in a risky world

26.10.2021| Rick van der Ploeg, University of Oxford
Seminar of the Macro Department

Fiscal multipliers: do individuals make a difference?

14.12.2021| Stephanie Ettmeier
Seminar of the Macro Department

The inefficiency of a monetary union with heterogeneous agents in the face of common shocks

16.11.2021| Fabian Seyrich
477 results, from 1