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  • Report

    Sponsorship for PhD student at the Graduate Center

    We congratulate Nils Handler, PhD student in the GC class of 2019, for the award. From October 2020, the Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft will finance his PhD.

    10.06.2020| Nils Handler
  • Personnel news

    Aline Zucco has successfully defended her dissertation

    Aline Zucco, part of the Gender Economics Research Group and GC Class of 2015, has successfully defended her dissertation at Freie Universität Berlin. The dissertation with the title "Essays on Gender Pay Gaps and Wealth Concentration" was supervised by Prof. Dr. Peter Haan (DIW Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Silke Anger (IAB). We congratulate Aline on her success and wish her all the best for her future ...

  • Workshop

    Canceled until further notice: Graduate Center Summer Workshop 2020


  • Report

    SOEP Rated “Excellent” in 2019 Leibniz Evaluation

    The Leibniz Association Senate awarded the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) at DIW Berlin the rating of “excellent” for overall performance in its 2019 evaluation. The recently released evaluation report describes the SOEP as an outstanding research data infrastructure that has achieved the highest levels of recognition worldwide. It goes on to say that the SOEP’s exceptionally well prepared ...

    29.04.2020| Monika Wimmer
  • Personnel news

    Melanie Koch has successfully defended her dissertation

    Melanie Koch, Research Associate in the International Economics Department and GC Class of 2015, has successfully defended her dissertation at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The dissertation with the title "Non-Standard Preferences and Beliefs in Financial Decision Making" was supervised by Prof. Dr. Lukas Menkhoff (DIW Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Georg Weizsäcker (HU). We ...

  • Graduate Center Short Course

    Structural Vector Autoregressive Analysis

    Syllabus Vector Autoregressive Models Vector Error Correction Models Structural VAR Tools Bayesian VAR Analysis Identification by Short-Run Restrictions Identification by Long-Run Restrictions Inference for Impulse Responses Sign Restrictions Identification by Heteroskedasticity or Non-Gaussianity Identification Based on External Instruments Structural VAR Analysis in a Data-Rich...

    19.10.2020| Helmut Lütkepohl
  • Scientific Skills Workshops

    Successful Presenting in English

    This seminar provides you with tools and practice in essential rhetorical techniques and how to consider your audience when preparing and delivering scientific presentations. You will develop a presentation that is convincing and creates audience interest while also making your content clear and concise. We will examine typical differences between German and international English...

    14.01.2020| Tim Korver
  • Scientific Skills Workshops

    Writing good texts for academic journals

    The Berlin School of Economics is pleased to offer a workshop on writing good texts for academic journals. It is designed for all doctoral students and researchers at the BSE who would like to improve their English writing skills. The training will provide practice and guidelines for improving your writing technique to help ensure clarity, conciseness and coherence. We hired an excellent coach who...

  • SOEP Brown Bag Seminar

    Relaunch: The new website for the SOEP RDC

    Rescheduled from October 14th, 2020. (in German)

    04.11.2020| Uta Rahmann, Selin Kara
  • Personnel news

    Tomaso Duso appointed to EU Commission’s advisory group

    European Commission’s Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager has approved Tomaso Duso’s appointment as member of the Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy (EAGCP) at the European Commission's Directorate General for Competition. The three years mandate starts on June 2020. The EAGCP creates a discussion forum on competition policy matters between academics who have a ...

118 results, from 41