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Gutachten / 1998

Sector Study: Telecommunication

1998| Jürgen Müller
Gutachten / 1998

Sector Study: Computers

1998| Jürgen Bitzer

Product Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness: A Study of British and German Ceramic Tableware Industries

London: NIESR, 2002, 102 S.
(Occasional Papers / National Institute of Economic and Social Research ; 55)
| Valerie Jarvis, Mary O'Mahony, Hans Wessels
Research Notes 2 / 2005

How to Reduce Conflicts over International Antitrust?

2005| Justus Haucap, Florian Müller, Christian Wey
Weitere Aufsätze

Enterprise Reform and Competition Analysis in the Post-socialist Context: Analytical Framework and Stylized Facts

In: Christian von Hirschhausen, Jürgen Bitzer (Eds.) , The Globalization of Industry and Innovation in Eastern Europe
Cheltenham [u.a.] : Elgar
S. 37-55
| Christian von Hirschhausen
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Regulation of Natural Monopoly: A Public-choice Perspective

In: Atle Midttung, Eirik Svindland (Eds.) , Approaches and Dilemmas in Economic Regulation
Basingstoke : Palgrave
S. 55-73
| Bengt-Arne Wickström
Economic Bulletin 6 / 1996

No Room for Show-Case Projects: Editorial

1996| Kurt Hornschild
Diskussionspapiere 426 / 2004

Foreign Direct Investment, Competition and Industrial Development in the Host Country: An Analysis for the Case of "White" Certificates

This paper analyses the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on the development of local firms. We focus on two likely effects of FDI: a competition effect which deters entry of domestic firms and positive market externalities which foster the development of local industry. Using a simple theoretical model to illustrate how these forces work we show that the number of domestic firms follows a ...

2004| Salvador Barrios, Holger Görg, Eric Strobl
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Global Competitiveness: Industrial Policy in the Performance of Asia and Europe

In: Journal of Contemporary Asia 27 (1997), 3, S. 338-355 | Georg Erber, Harald Hagemann, Stephan Seiter
200 results, from 151