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November 24, 2022


CRC Workshop: Expectations and Behavior


November 24, 2022


Karl Popper Room
DIW Berlin
Room 2.3.020
Mohrenstr. 58
10117 Berlin


09:00–09:45 Peter Levell (IFS):
Housing Supply, Location Choices and Productivity
09:45–10:30 Joachim Winter (LMU):
The Formation of Subjective House Price Expectations
10:30–10:45 Felix Weinhardt (Viadrina and DIW):
Elicitation of Long Run Expectations
10:45–11:15 Coffee Break
11:15–11:30 Clara Schäper (DIW and U Potsdam):
Short-time work, Unemployment and Parental leave: Gendered Differences in Labour-market Outcomes
11:30–11:45 Izabela Wnuk (DIW, Viadrina and FU):
Is Migration Reducing Labor Scarcity? Evidence from Long-term Care
11:45–12:00 Sebastian Becker (DIW, Viadrina and FU):
Biased Beliefs and Stock Market Participation in Germany
12:00–12:15 Sebastian Gsell (LMU):
Career Costs of Caregiving
12:15–12:30 Maximilian Blesch (HU and DIW):
Subjective Beliefs in Long-term Care over the Life-Cycle – Evidence from Structural Model
12:30–12:45 Bruno Veltri (HU and DIW):
Subjective Beliefs in Pensions and Long-term Care over the Life-Cycle – Evidence from Survey Data
13:00 Lunch


Funding from the Society of Friends at DIW Berlin (VdF) is gratefully acknowledged.


Peter Haan
Peter Haan

Head of Department in the Public Economics Department