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SOEP-Core data 1984-2019 (v36) available

Report of April 12, 2021

All registered data users can order the data using our online order form.
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The most important news about v36

  • In 2019, two interesting new samples were added: the Top Shareholder Sample (Sample P) and the LGBTQ Sample (Sample Q) covering lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, and those who identify as non-binary.
  • Due to new developments in the regulations on data protection and privacy, variables containing information on Germany’s federal states (Bundesländer) must not leave the European Union. We have therefore developed a new concept with different Editions of the SOEP data for our various channels of data distribution (a more detailed description is available in the SOEPcompanion).
  • SOEP data v36 is the first version in which the dataset BIOIMMIG was generated using longitudinal data. As a result, many of the variables in this dataset have been changed.
  • This data release includes two datasets from the Mentoring of Refugees (MORE) project.

More detailed descriptions of everything that is new in v36 has been published in the "Changes in the dataset" section of our SOEP-Core webpage.

The SOEPcompanion has been substantially revised for v36

New chapters cover Data Editions of SOEP-Core, Working with Spatial Data in R , Working with SOEPhelp in R and How to Use SOEP IGEL.

The current version will be integrated on shortly.


Philipp Kaminsky, and Janine Napieraj
User support and contract management for the Research Data Center of the SOEP