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Documentation of the SOEP Studies - All Survey Papers

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SOEP Survey Papers ; 907: Series D - Variable Description and Coding / 2020

Documentation of ISCED Generation Based on the CAMCES Tool in the IAB-SOEP Migration Samples M1/M2 and IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees M3/M4 until 2017

2020| Elisabeth Liebau, Verena Ortmanns, Lisa Pagel, Felicitas Schikora, Silke L. Schneider
SOEP Survey Papers ; 824 : Series B - Survey Reports (Methodenberichte) / 2020

SOEP-Core – 2018: Report of Survey Methodology and Fieldwork

2020| Anne Bohlender, Martin Rathje, Axel Glemser
22 results, from 21