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  • Out for Good: Labor Market Effects of Transitory and Persistent Health Shocks

    Health shocks limit individuals’ participation in the labor market and pose a major risk to household welfare. In this paper, we derive two novel health shock indicators using machine learning based on sick days and hospitalizations: one for transitory and one for persistent shocks. In an event study framework, we show their respective effects on employment, yearly working hours, and labor earnings, ...

    (SSRN Working Paper)
    | Mattis Beckmannshagen, Johannes König
  • Immigrants and Trade Union Membership: Does Integration into Society and Workplace Play a Moderating Role?

    We hypothesize that incomplete integration into the workplace and society implies that immigrants are less likely to be union members than natives. Incomplete integration makes the usual mechanism for overcoming the collective action problem less effective. Using data from the Socio-Economic Panel, our empirical analysis confirms a unionization gap for first-generation immigrants in Germany. Importantly, ...

    Bonn: Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), 2022,
    (IZA DP No. 15587)
    | Fenet J. Bedaso, Uwe Jirjahn, Laszlo Goerke
  • Changes in Working Hours Are Driving Earnings Inequality

    According to Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) data, inequality in gross monthly earnings in Germany increased significantly between 1993 and 2003 and has been stagnating at a high level since 2008. As this Weekly Report shows, the increase is not being driven by higher hourly wage inequality, but rather by working hours: In recent years, employees with a high hourly wage work more than previously compared ...

    DIW Wochenbericht 12 (2022), 32, 195| Mattis Beckmannshagen, Carsten Schröder
  • Health Returns to Education Across the Life Course: Measuring Health in Children and Adolescents in the National Educational Panel Study

    Health is an important non-monetary outcome of education surveyed by the National Education Panel Study (NEPS). In addition to its effects in adulthood (see Lettau et al., 2020), the interplay between education and health also plays a role for children and adolescents. For this reason, the NEPS provides longitudinal data on various aspects of health, education, relevant control variables, and mechanisms ...

    Bamberg: Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBI), 2022,
    (NEPS Survey Paper No. 95)
    | Jacqueline Kroh, Michael Gebel, Guido Heineck
  • Non-Standard Employment and Partnership Dissolution: A Comparison of Nonmarital Cohabitations and Marriages

    This paper investigates the link between non-standard employment (NSE) and the risk of partnership dissolution, applying event history analysis to data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) and the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey for the period 2001–2016. It moves beyond previous studies by (a) considering a broader range of employment types, including fixed-term ...

    In: Journal of Family Issues (online first) (2022), | Inga Laß
  • Political implications of ‘green’ infrastructure in one’s ‘backyard’: the Green Party’s Catch 22?

    A clean environment is a public good, with the benefits shared by all. While most individuals can agree on the need to implement green policies, we argue that the cost-benefit calculation is quite different depending on where one lives. Those individuals living in places where green infrastructure is infeasible, such as cities, can advocate for green technologies knowing that the chance of having to ...

    London: London School of Economics and Political Science, 2022,
    (Working Paper 81)
    | Frieder Mitsch, Andrew McNeil
  • Minor and inconsistent differences in Big Five personality traits between vegetarians and vegans

    Most research examining individuals who follow different diets has combined vegetarians and vegans into a single group. To investigate whether this consolidation is justified, we analyzed possible differences between vegetarians and vegans for the Big Five personality traits in two studies. In our pre-study, we used data from a German convenience sample of 400 vegetarians and 749 vegans and found that ...

    In: PLOS ONE 17 (2022), 6, e0268896 | Markus Müssig, Tamara M. Pfeiler, Boris Egloff
  • Human Wellbeing and Machine Learning

    There is a vast literature on the determinants of subjective wellbeing. Yet, standard regression models explain little variation in wellbeing. We here use data from Germany, the UK, and the US to assess the potential of Machine Learning (ML) to help us better understand wellbeing. Compared to traditional models, ML approaches provide moderate improvements in predictive performance. Drastically expanding ...

    Oxford: Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School (INET Oxford), 2022,
    (INET Oxford Working Paper No. 2022-11)
    | Ekaterina Oparina, Caspar Kaiser, Niccolò Gentile, Alexandre Tkatchenko, Andrew E. Clark, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Conchita D'Ambrosio
  • Informing students about college: Increasing enrollment using a behavioral intervention?

    This study sheds light on whether the provision of information on costs, financing options, and returns of college education results in higher application and college enrollment rates. Based on a behavioral intervention with more than 1,000 high school students in Germany, we provide evidence that the provision of such information increases college application and enrollment rates, in particular for ...

    In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 190 (2021), S. 524-549 | Frauke Peter, C. Katharina Spieß, Vaishali Zambre
  • Zufriedene Mütter, zufriedene Kinder?: Zusammenhänge zwischen Übergang in die Mutterschaft, Lebenszufriedenheit, Erziehungsverhalten und kindlichem Wohlbefinden

    Es wird angenommen, dass mütterliches Wohlbefinden mit optimalen Erziehungspraktiken zusammenhängt sowie positiv auf die kindliche Entwicklung wirkt (Newland, 2015). Die vorliegende Dissertation untersuchte direkte und indirekte, über das Erziehungsverhalten vermittelte, Zusammenhänge zwischen mütterlichem und kindlichem Wohlbefinden, wobei der Fokus auf der Phase des Übergangs in die Mutterschaft ...

    2022, | Nina Richter
5962 results, from 1