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  • Can Simulated Experience Be Harnessed to Help People Make Investment Decisions?

    To make profitable investment decisions, investors must know and understand their risks. They can learn about these risks in different ways. Evidence suggests that investors who learn from a “risk tool” simulator perceive financial risk more accurately, feel more informed and confident, and thus take on more financial risk. We attempt a conceptual replication of these findings, exploring whether they ...

    (PsyArXiv Preprints)
    | Lejarraga Tomás, Kavitha Ranganathan, Dirk U. Wulff
  • Older Households: Comparison of Income, Wealth, and Survival in the United States with Selected Countries

    Income and wealth disparities among older households were wider in the United States than in selected countries from 1998 through 2019, according to GAO's review of households headed by those 55 and older. For example, in 2007, the median, or “typical,” income of high-income older households in the United States was about 12 times greater than that of low-income households, compared to about 6 times ...

    Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), 2022,
    | U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
  • Do Personality Traits Moderate the Effects of Cohabitation, Separation, and Widowhood on Life Satisfaction? A Longitudinal Test for Germany

    The start and end of a romantic relationship are associated with substantial changes in life satisfaction. Yet, whether Big Five personality traits moderate these relationship transition effects is hardly known. Such knowledge helps to understand individual variation in relationship transition effects and provides the possibility to further test the stress and social support explanations of these effects. ...

    In: Journal of Happiness Studies (online first) (2022), | Wilfred Uunk, Paula Hoffmann
  • Essays in Macroeconomics and Labor Supply

    In this dissertation, I study the role of labor supply in macroeconomic fluctations and the movement of employment in response to these fluctuations. The first chapter is a theoretical and empirical study of the role of firm-specific labor supply in amplifying business cycles. The second chapter focuses on measuring the aggregate labor supply elasticity at the extensive margin, using a novel survey ...

    2022, | Preston Mui
  • Culture and Institutions: Long-lasting effects of communism on risk and time preferences of individuals in Europe

    Even three decades after the end of communism in Eastern Europe, there are still observable differences in financial risk and time preferences compared to Western Europe. Using data from two large-scale surveys – one including European countries (INTRA) and one for West and East Germany (SOEP) – we show that the causes of these differences are not the same: While differences in loss aversion and patience ...

    In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 202 (2022), 785-829 | Johannes Schaewitz, Mei Wang, Marc Oliver Rieger
  • Worries about inadequate medical treatment in case of a COVID-19 infection: the role of social inequalities, COVID-19 prevalence and healthcare infrastructure

    Background: This study investigates individual and regional determinants of worries about inadequate medical treatment in case of a COVID-19 infection, an important indicator of mental wellbeing in pandemic times as it potentially affects the compliance with mitigation measures and the willingness to get vaccinated. The analyses shed light on the following questions: Are there social inequalities in ...

    In: BMC Public Health 22 (2022), 1761 | Alina Schmitz, Claudius Garten, Simon Kühne, Martina Brandt
  • The expansion of early childcare and transitions to first and second birth in Germany

    We use quasi-experimental expansion of publicly funded childcare slots for children under the age of three from Germany and exploit regional variations of this large-scale expansion to account for endogenous and selective fertility decisions. To account for left and right censoring, we implement this quasi-experimental framework into the setting of the semiparametric Cox hazard model. By using spatial ...

    In: Bulletin of Economic Research (online first) (2022), | Eric Schuss, Mohammed Azaouagh
  • Political socialization, political gender gaps and the intergenerational transmission of left-right ideology

    While left and right are the main terms to distinguish political views in Western Europe, the family socialization of citizens has mainly been studied in terms of partisan preferences rather than identification with these ideological blocks. Therefore, this study investigates the intergenerational transmission of left-right ideological positions in two European multiparty systems. To investigate expectations ...

    In: European Journal of Political Research (online first) (2022), | Mathilde M. van Ditmars
  • Maternal mental health and adverse birth outcomes

    Recent research in economics emphasizes the role of in utero conditions for the health endowment at birth and in early childhood and for social as well as economic outcomes in later life. This paper analyzes the relation between maternal mental health during pregnancy and birth outcomes of the child. In particular, we analyze the relationship between maternal mental health during pregnancy and the ...

    In: PLOS ONE 17 (2022), 8, e0272210 | Falk A. C. Voit, Eero Kajantie, Sakari Lemola, Katri Räikkönen, Dieter Wolke, Daniel D. Schnitzlein
  • Prenatal Exposure to Air Pollution and the Development of Noncognitive Skills

    This paper provides causal evidence on the effect of in-utero exposure to air pollution on noncognitive ability in childhood. I use the meteorological phenomenon of thermal inversions to address the endogeneity in exposure to particulate matter and data from a representative household survey in Germany to measure noncognitive abilities. I find that an increase in particulate matter concentration by ...

    (Working Paper)
    | Beate Thies
5962 results, from 1