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Publications of the Project: European Gas Infrastructure

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Diskussionspapiere 1383 / 2014

All Quiet on the Eastern Front? Disruption Scenarios of Russian Natural Gas Supply to Europe

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis has revitalized the European concerns of supply disruptions of natural gas as experienced in 2006 and 2009. However, the European supply situation, regulation and infrastructure have changed since: imports aremore diversified, EU member states better connected and a common regulation on the security of supply has been introduced. Nevertheless, several East European countries ...

2014| Philipp M. Richter, Franziska Holz
DIW Berlin - Politikberatung kompakt 81 / 2014

European Natural Gas Infrastructure: The Role of Gazprom in European Natural Gas Supplies; Study Commissioned by The Greens/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament

2014| Franziska Holz, Hella Engerer, Claudia Kemfert, Philipp M. Richter, Christian von Hirschhausen
2 results, from 1