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Topic Labor and Employment

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Economic Bulletin 2 / 2002

Wage Restraint - Can it Contribute to More Employment? A Comparison between Germany and France

2002| Camille Logeay, Joachim Volz
Economic Bulletin 6 / 2002

Unemployed - and Unwilling to Work?

2002| Karl Brenke
Diskussionspapiere 312 / 2002

Structural Unemployment and the Output Gap in Germany: Evidence from an SVAR Analysis within a Hysteresis Framework

The German unemployment rate shows strong signs if non-stationarity over the course of the previous decades. This is in line with an insider-outsider model under full hysteresis. We applied a "theory-guided view" to the data using the structural VAR model as developed by Balmaseda, Dolado and López-Salido (2000) allowing for full hysteresis on the labour market. Our identification of the model implies ...

2002| Ulrich Fritsche, Camille Logeay
Economic Bulletin 2 / 2001

EMU: Economic Growth Leads to Job Creation

2001| Camille Logeay, Joachim Volz
Economic Bulletin 12 / 2001

Labour Market in Downturn

2001| Camille Logeay

Wages and the Euro

Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag, 1999, 143 S.
(Contributions to Economics)
| Gustav A. Horn, Wolfgang Scheremet, Rudolf Zwiener
Weitere Aufsätze

Is there a Need for a Co-ordinated European Wage and Labour Market Policy?

In: Ed by Gerhard Huemer... , The Role of Employer Associations and Labour Unions in the EMU
Aldershot [u.a.] : Ashgate
S. 65-84
| Ulrich Fritsche, Gustav A. Horn, Wolfgang Scheremet, Rudolf Zwiener
Economic Bulletin 8 / 1999

Subsidising Social Insurance Contributions in the Low-Wage Sector: Lacking in Precision and Too Expensive

1999| Jürgen Schupp, Joachim Volz, Gert Wagner, Rudolf Zwiener
119 results, from 91