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Paternal Child Care and Relationship Quality: A Longitudinal Analysis of Reciprocal Associations

This study explored reciprocal associations between paternal child-care involvement and relationship quality by following British couples from the birth of a child until he or she reached school age. It extends the literature by distinguishing between paternal engagement in absolute terms and relative to the mother and by considering relationship quality reports of mothers and fathers and family breakdown. ...

In: Journal of Marriage and Family 74 (2012), 2, S. 281-296 | Pia S. Schober
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Early Childhood Outcomes and Family Structures

In: John Ermisch, Markus Jäntti, Timothy Smeeding (Eds.) , From Parents to Children
New York : Russell Sage Foundation
S. 120-139
| John Ermisch, Frauke H. Peter, C. Katharina Spieß
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Child Care Choices in Western Germany Also Correlated with Mother's Personality

2012| Liv Bjerre, Frauke H. Peter, C. Katharina Spieß
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A Household Study of Self-Regulation in Children: Intergenerational Links and Maternal Antecedents

Delay of gratification (DoG) and delay discounting (DD) are behavioral measures of self-regulation and impulsivity. Whereas DoG refers to the postponement of gratification, DD involves the devaluation of a reward over time. Previous studies have demonstrated associations between paternal self-control, paternal personality traits, parenting styles, maternal intelligence, and children's self-regulation. ...

In: Swiss Journal of Psychology 71 (2012), 4, S. 215-226 | Reinhard Drobetz, Andreas Maercker, C. Katharina Spieß, Gert G. Wagner, Simon Forstmeier
SOEPpapers 434 / 2012

Parental Leave Policies and Child Care Time in Couples after Childbirth

This research explores how different parental leave reforms in West Germany impacted on the time mothers and fathers in couples spent on child care. I investigate indirect effects through mothers' labor market return decisions more in detail than previous studies and also examine potential direct associations of reforms of the leave period and benefits with maternal and paternal care time. The analysis ...

2012| Pia S. Schober
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Pollution Exposure and Child Health: Evidence for Infants and Toddlers in Germany

This paper examines the impact of outdoor pollution and parental smoking on children's health from birth until the age of three years in Germany. We use representative data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP), combined with five air pollution levels. These data were provided by the Federal Environment Agency and cover theyears 2002-2007. Our work makes two important contributions. First, we ...

In: Journal of Health Economics 31 (2012), 1, S. 180-196 | Katja Coneus, C. Katharina Spieß
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The Intergenerational Transmission of Health in Early Childhood: Evidence from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study

Children's physical health problems have clear and lasting impacts on a variety of later life outcomes, as a growing body of research has shown. Furthermore, problems such as obesity, motor impairment, and chronic diseases entail high social costs, particularly when childhood health problems carry over into adulthood. This study examines intergenerational relationships between parent and child health ...

In: Economics and Human Biology 10 (2012), 1, S. 89-97 | Katja Coneus, C. Katharina Spieß
SOEPpapers 404 / 2011

Spite and Cognitive Skills in Preschoolers

Although spiteful preferences play a crucial role in the development of human large-scale cooperation, there is little evidence on spiteful behavior and its determinants in children. We investigate the relationship between children's cognitive skills and spiteful behavior in a sample of 214 preschoolers aged 5-6 and their mothers. Other-regarding behavior of both mothers and children is elicited through ...

2011| Elisabeth Bügelmayer, C. Katharina Spieß
DIW Economic Bulletin 5 / 2011

Child Care Choices in Western Germany Also Correlated with Mother's Personality

The expansion of formal child care, particularly for children under the age of three, has resulted in more and more children from this age group attending day care facilities. This formal child care setting is frequently combined with care provided by grandparents or other individuals. The combination and number of child care settings made use of is influenced by a variety of socio-economic factors ...

2011| Liv Bjerre, Frauke H. Peter, C. Katharina Spieß
SOEPpapers 367 / 2011

The Bigger the Children, the Bigger the Worries: Are Preschoolers and Adolescents Affected Differently by Family Instability with Regard to Non-cognitive Skills?

Substantial research on the relationship between family structures and child outcomes represents a considerable part of the literature. However, family structure provides a rather static view of the relationship of children's living arrangements and their well-being, revealing hardly anything about the stability of a family for a longer period. This paper focuses on the impact of family instability ...

2011| Frauke H. Peter, C. Katharina Spiess
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