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Staff and community news August 2019

Report of August 15, 2019

At the start of Summer Semester 2019, Marco Giesselmann took up his new position in the Institute of Sociology at the University of Zurich. At the SOEP, Marco was responsible for organizing SOEPcampus events. Sandra Bohmann has now taken on full responsibility for this task, which she has been carrying out as Marco’s replacement for some time. Marco is now also Senior Research Fellow at the SOEP.

Christian Schmitt will soon take his position as Head of the Office of Statistics and Elections of the City of Leipzig. Until recently, Christian was a research associate at the University of Rostock and generated the BIOBIRTH variables for the SOEP.

Nicolas Legewie has left for a research visit to Pennsylvania State University in the USA.

Diana Schacht will be leaving the SOEP in October to take a position as deputy project director at the the German Youth Institute in Munich. As an expert in migration and integration research, Diana’s responsibilities at the SOEP included generating the migration variables.

We recently reported on some of the new SOEP staff members who joined us earlier this year: Theresa Entringer, Dominique Hansen, Valeriia Heidemann, Hans Werner Steinhauer, and Sabine Zinn.
Another new SOEP staff member is Levent Neyse, who completed his dissertation on “Experiments in Economic Games“ at the Universidad de Granada and subsequently worked as a researcher at the University of Kiel. At the SOEP, he is doing research on behavioral economics.

Also new to the SOEP this year is Laura Spitaleri, a Ph.D. candidate in the SOEP’s “Dynamics of Mental Health of Migrants” project. Before moving to Berlin, she earned her research master’s in Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism at Utrecht University. During her studies, she completed a research internship at the Australian National University in Canberra and worked as a research assistant at Utrecht University. Before moving to the field of migration research, she obtained her bachelor and master’s degrees in social psychology from the University of Groningen. Laura’s main research interests concern migrants’ mental health and the role of family relations.

Three doctoral students at the SOEP completed and defended their theses this year, all at the FU Berlin, with Carsten Schröder as one of their supervisors:
Johannes König on “Income Inequality and Income Risk“, with Giacomo Corneo (FU Berlin) as his main supervisor;
Maria Metzing on “Essays on Inequality: Income Distribution, (Just) Taxation and Well-being”, with Ronnie Schöb (FU Berlin) as her external supervisor; and
Cortnie Shupe on “Household Finances and Labor Supply: The Role of Public Policies”, with David Neumark (University of California Irvine) as her external supervisor.
A former SOEP grant holder, Julia M. Rohrer, completed her dissertation, “Empirical and Conceptual Perspectives on the Determinants of Subjective Well-Being”, in the Faculty for Life Sciences at the University of Leipzig. Her main supervisor was Stefan Schmukle (University of Leipzig). Gert Wagner (SOEP) served as an additional supervisor.
Congratulations and continued success to all of them!

Elke Holst, longtime SOEP staff member and former director of the Gender Studies Research Group at DIW Berlin has retired. We wish her a long, happy, and fulfilling retirement!

Christian Krekel, previously a doctoral student in the SOEP, will be teaching and conducting research as an Assistant Professor in Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics.

Martin Gerike has successfully completed his training as a Specialist in Market and Social Research and is now supporting the SOEP team in preparing the interviewer dataset. He will also be working on the DHMH project.

David Richter, who is responsible for the SOEP Innovation Sample, has been offered a professorship (S-Professur) in Survey Research in the Department of Education and Psychology at FU Berlin.