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Diskussionspapiere 1753 / 2018

Who Teaches the Teachers? A RCT of Peer-to-Peer Observation and Feedback in 181 Schools

It is well established that teachers are the most important in-school factorin determining student outcomes. However, to date there is scant robustquantitative research demonstrating that teacher training programs can havelasting impacts on student test scores. To address this gap, weconduct andevaluate a teacher peer-to-peer observation and feedback program underRandomized Control Trial (RCT) conditions. ...

2018| Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt, Gill Wyness
SOEPpapers 1162 / 2022

House Price Expectations

This study examines short-, medium-, and long-run price expectations in hous ing markets. We derive and test six hypothesis about the incidence, formation, and relevance of price expectations. To do so, we use data from a tailored household sur vey, past sale offerings, satellites, and from an information RCT. As novel findings, we show that price expectations exhibit mean reversion in the long-run. ...

2022| Niklas Gohl, Peter Haan, Claus Michelsen, Felix Weinhardt
Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Aufsätze 2018

Study Shows High Enrollment in Daycare and School among Refugee Children, but the Possible Need for More Daycare for Children under Three and More Language Support for School-Aged Children

For refugee children, daycare or elementary school can play an important role in integration into German society. In the context of the arrival of more than 890,000 refugees in Germany in 2015 alone, this study focuses on daycare and school attendance among refugee children up to the age of 12. It is based on data from the IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees, a representative study of more than 4,500 ...

2018| Ludovica Gambaro, Elisabeth Liebau, Frauke Peter, Felix Weinhardt
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Information Provision and Postgraduate Studies

This is the first paper to examine experimentally effects of information provision on beliefs about pecuniary and non-pecuniary returns of postgraduate education, enrolment intentions and realized enrolment. We find that our treatment causally affects beliefs measured six months after treatment. The effects on beliefs differ by gender and academic background, and we find that stated enrolment intentions ...

In: Economica (2022), im Ersch. [online first: 2022-03-17] | Jan Berkes, Frauke Peter, C. Katharina Spieß, Felix Weinhardt
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Class Rank and Long-Run Outcomes

This paper considers an unavoidable feature of the school environment, class rank. What are the long-run effects of a student's ordinal rank in elementary school? Using administrative data on all public-school students in Texas, we show that students with a higher third-grade academic rank, conditional on achievement and classroom fixed effects, have higher subsequent test scores, are more likely to ...

In: The Review of Economics and Statistics (2022), im Ersch. [online first: 2021-10-15] | Jeffrey T. Denning, Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt
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Long-run Expectations of Households

The rational expectations assumption, e.g. in life-cycle models and portfolio-choice models, prescribes that all actions are in line with a well-structured and unbiased system of expectations. In reality, justification and identification of expectations are nontrivial, and we lack empirical evidence especially for the long run. This paper starts to fill this gap and elicits short-run and long-run expectations ...

In: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 31 (2021), 100535, 18 S. | Christoph Breunig, Iuliia Grabova, Peter Haan, Felix Weinhardt, Georg Weizsäcker
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Who Teaches the Teachers? A RCT of Peer-To-Peer Observation and Feedback in 181 Schools

This paper evaluates a widely used, low stakes, teacher peer-to-peer observation and feedback program under Randomized Control Trial (RCT) conditions. Half of 181 volunteer primary schools in England were randomly selected to participate in a two-year program in which three fourth and fifth grade teachers observed each other. We find that two cohorts of students taught by treated teachers perform no ...

In: Economics of Education Review 82 (2021), 102091, 18 S. | Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt, Gill Wyness
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Top of the Class: The Importance of Ordinal Rank

This article establishes a new fact about educational production: ordinal academic rank during primary school has lasting impacts on secondary school achievement that are independent of underlying ability. Using data on the universe of English school students, we exploit naturally occurring differences in achievement distributions across primary school classes to estimate the impact of class rank. ...

In: Review of Economic Studies 87 (2020), 6, S. 2777–2826 | Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt
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Neighbourhood Turnover and Teenage Attainment

Theories about neighbours’ influence on children's education that are based on social capital, cohesion, and disorganisation stress the importance of neighbourhood stability. This is because stability is regarded as necessary for building strong ties and friendships, which in turn affect educational outcomes. However, amongst the vast number of studies on the effect of neighbours on a child's education, ...

In: Journal of the European Economic Association 15 (2017), 4, S. 746-783 | Stepen Gibbons, Olmo Silva, Felix Weinhardt
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Deutschland: ein Land der Mieter? Die Rolle von Erwartungen über zukünftige Immobilienpreisentwicklungen

Mehr als die Hälfte aller Haushalte in Deutschland wohnen zur Miete – ein im internationalen Vergleich sehr hoher Wert. Bisherige Studien haben vor allen Dingen den regulatorischen Rahmen des Immobilienmarkts hervorgehoben, der Mietwohnungen in Deutschland systematisch begünstigt. Allerdings gibt es keine Studien, die diese Erklärungen empirisch eindeutig untermauern können: einige Arbeiten betonen ...

In: Zeitschrift für Immobilienökonomie 5 (2019), 1/2, S. 95-109 | Niklas Gohl, Peter Haan, Claus Michelsen, Felix Weinhardt
36 results, from 21