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  • Diskussionspapiere 2021 / 2022

    Brothers in Arms: The Value of Coalitions in Sanctions Regimes

    This paper examines the impact of coalitions on the economic costs of the 2012 Iran and 2014 Russia sanctions. By estimating and simulating a quantitative general equilibrium trade model under different coalition setups, we (i) dissect welfare losses for sanctions senders and target; (ii) compare prospective coalition partners and; (iii) provide bounds for the sanctions potential — the maximum welfare ...

    2022| Sonali Chowdhry, Julian Hinz, Katrin Kamin, Joschka Wanner
  • Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

    Sanctions Coalitions: Stronger together

    In: (30.10.2022), [Online-Artikel] | Joschka Wanner, Julian Hinz, Katrin Kamin, Sonali Chowdhry
2 results, from 1