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What's in a Word? Just vs. Fair vs. Appropriate Earnings for Self and Others

Despite Rawls’ famous call to distinguish between justice and fairness, these and other justice-related words often seem to be used interchangeably by both ordinary people and justice researchers. Based on a survey-embedded question wording experiment (N = 4534) fielded in Germany as part of the GESIS Panel, we explore the effects of three justice words— “just,” “fair,” and “appropriate”—on the sense ...

In: Social Justice Research 34 (2021), S. 397–427 | Jule Adriaans, Stefan Liebig, Clara Sabbagh, Guillermina Jasso
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Comparing Administrative and Survey Data: Is Information on Education from Administrative Records of the German Institute for Employment Research Consistent with Survey Self-Reports?

In research on stratification and inequality, administrative data are popular for their wide coverage and assumed high quality. Yet, the quality of the data depends crucially on the aim of data collection. In this paper, we investigate the quality of information on education in administrative data from social security records provided by the German Federal Institute for Employment Research where education ...

In: Quality & Quantity 54 (2020), 1, S. 3-25 | Jule Adriaans, Peter Valet, Stefan Liebig
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Comparing Survey Data and Administrative Records on Gross Earnings: Nonreporting, Misreporting, Interviewer Presence and Earnings Inequality

Research on earnings inequality mostly relies on survey data, but these data may not be accurate. Survey data on earnings might be biased as research indicates that some respondents are likely to avoid reporting their gross earnings and others are likely to misreport them. In addition, the mode of data collection might affect responses to sensitive questions such as those on earnings. Given these three ...

In: Quality & Quantity 53 (2019), 1, S. 471-491 | Peter Valet, Jule Adriaans, Stefan Liebig
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Wie (un)gerecht ist die Einkommensverteilung in Deutschland?

Angesichts steigender Einkommensunterschiede verweisen Vertreter einer ungleichheitskritischen Position auf gesellschaftsgefährdende Folgen von Ungleichheit und fordern eine Reduzierung der Einkommensungleichheit. Ein solch pauschaler Zusammenhang zwischen Ungleichheit und negativen gesellschaftlichen Folgen ist hingegen empirisch nicht belegt. Dieser Beitrag nahm dies zum Ausgangspunkt und untersuchte ...

In: Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik 67 (2018), 4, S. 437-445 | Jule Adriaans, Stefan Liebig
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Einkommensgerechtigkeit in Deutschland und Europa

In: Datenreport 2021
Bonn : Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
S. 278-285
Statistisches Bundesamt /Datenreport
| Jule Adriaans, Stefan Liebig
25 results, from 21