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Updates to our information system

Report of May 6, 2019

We have integrated the SOEPlong metadata into the SOEP-Core metadata on in the process of updating the information on the current wave of SOEP-Core (v34). We have also made a few additional improvements:

  • Improved presentation of topics. This makes it even easier to search for variables that are relevant to a particular research topic.
  • All questionnaires from 2016 and 2017 are now available on, along with the corresponding variables in both German and English. We are currently working to include previous years’ questionnaires.
  • The SOEPlit database is now available on and can be searched. In it, you can find previously published papers on your research topic. If your own publications are missing, please send us a copy that we can use to update the database and keep in our archives (
  • The “basket” function, which you can use to collect the variables you need, and the script generator, which you can use to create database scripts for the data you need, have been available for some time. You can use this functions after completing a simple registration procedure.
  • Metadata from the German Internet Panel (GIP), a further study outside the SOEP family in addition to TwinLife and pairfam, are now available on