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The Research Infrastructure, Communications, Finance, and Human Resources and Organisation Departments support the work of the Executive Board and research departments.

Research Infrastructure

The Research Infrastructure Department combines two former service departments, Library and Information Technology. The department's function is to support the institute's research by providing the necessary infrastructure and services. The department, which also constitutes a program area in the program budget, allocates organizational and technical infrastructure for the documentation and presentation of research results. 

  • Rainer Bartholdt

    Rainer Bartholdt

    Rainer Bartholdt has been Director of the Research Infrastructure Department at DIW Berlin since March 2022. In the past, he has held various positions in the business world as an IT consultant and in corporate IT management, focusing on IT infrastructure, ERP systems, and IT security. Rainer Bartholdt studied computer science at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

    Head of Department Research Infrastructure
  • Tobias Gebel

    Tobias Gebel

    Since 1992 research associate at DIW Berlin 2011-2018. Research Associate, FDZ-BO, Bielefeld University Study of sociology, Chemnitz University 2005-2011

    Deputy Head of Department Research Infrastructure
  • Bochra Abdin

    Bochra Abdin

    Member of Department Research Infrastructure
  • Person

    Omar Alshafai

    Member of Department Research Infrastructure
  • Peter Born

    Peter Born

    Member of Department Research Infrastructure

Communications Department

Political consulting is a core mandate of DIW Berlin. In that context, we aim to reach the public and provide firmer empirical footing for economic and socio-political debates. Achieving this requires that the institute’s research results are understandable for the public and available in various formats, including press releases and print and online publications such as the DIW Wochenbericht and DIW Weekly Report.

The department engages in a wide range of communication activities, ranging from media and public relations, event management, and social media to managing the library. The Communication Department works closely together with the research departments in carrying out their tasks.

  • Sabine Fiedler

    Sabine Fiedler

    Head of Department Communications
  • Petra Jasper

    Petra Jasper

    Petra Jasper joined DIW Berlin in January 2020. She is the spokesperson for the institute and heads the Press Office. Additionally, she is responsible for the DIW Wochenbericht, DIW Weekly Report, DIW aktuell, as well as guest commentaries, statements, and interviews. Previously, she worked for Reuters as an editor for its political and economics department.

    Press Speaker and Deputy Head Communications
  • Dennis Meiser-von Schmädel

    Dennis Meiser-von Schmädel

    Dennis Meiser-von Schmädel has been working as an online editor at DIW Berlin since 2011. In addition to the editing of the website and the social media channels of the institute, the focus of his work is the production of video blogs, the supervision of livestreams of events and the creation of self-portrayal publications. He is the contact person for the scientists in the areas of corporate...

    Web Editor and Deputy Head Communications
  • Rebecca Buhner

    Rebecca Buhner

    Rebecca Buhner has been working at DIW Berlin since November 2017. She completed a master's in translation studies at the Universität Heidelberg.

    Translator Communications
  • Claudia Cohnen-Beck

    Claudia Cohnen-Beck

    Claudia Cohnen-Beck has been editor at DIW Berlin since July 2017 and is responsible for the DIW Weekly Report and DIW aktuell as well as for press inquiries, guest comments and statements. Since April 2021 she has been a member of the DIW Weekly Report editorial board. Previously, she was editor at several daily newspapers.

    Press Officer Communications


Employees are DIW Berlin’s most important asset. The Finance Department is responsible for all questions concerning human resources, supports the departments in the search for new employees, and looks after the guests at DIW Berlin.

Given that the institute is primarily funded with federal and state tax money, we have the obligation to manage our budget responsibly.

Finance contributes to this task by carrying out financial planning, issuing the monthly and annual reports, and assuming responsibility for the entire bookkeeping process. Additionally, it does controlling, for example by producing monthly reports for the Executive Board and department managers.

Human Resources and Organisation

The Human Resources and Organisation Department offers in-house services to DIW Berlin’s Executive Board and to the department directors, employees, doctoral students, and guests from Germany and abroad.

The most important resource at DIW Berlin is its qualified staff. The Human Resources and Organisation Department handles administrative personnel matters and all other questions concerning human resources. It supports the Executive Board and the departments in recruiting and developing employees.

  • Norbert Möhring

    Norbert Möhring

    Head of Department Human Resources and Organisation
  • Mandy Thormann

    Mandy Thormann

    Deputy Head of Department Human Resources and Organisation
  • Person

    Andrea Apel

    Member of Department Human Resources and Organisation
  • Andrea Bawamia

    Andrea Bawamia

    Member of Service Department Human Resources and Organisation
  • Marco Hobuß

    Marco Hobuß

    Head of Service Department Human Resources and Organisation

Third Party Fund Management