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SOEP-Core Data 1984-2017 (v34) released!

Report of March 9, 2019

The new wave of SOEP-Core data (v34, 1984-2017) has been released! With this wave, we have completely revised our data provision process. To read more about the improvements awaiting you, click here.

If you haven’t ordered the v34 data yet, the SOEP hotline staff will be happy to take your order online in English: or German:

SOEPhelp: A Stata.ado is available for the current dataset, v34. It displays information about datasets and variables directly in the Stata window. More information about the installation and use of SOEPhelp is provided in the SOEPcompanion.

And once again, we would like to highlight our new SOEPcompanion, which is a great help both in explaining the (new) structure of the current data release and generally in working with the SOEP data.

Beside the What’s New section, which is already published on our website, we will be providing you with all other documentation in the weeks to come. Due to work currently underway to redesign our website, you will find this information in the RDC section of our website under “Data – SOEP-Core.