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June 6, 2019

DIW Lecture on Money and Finance


In the fourth session of the DIW Lecture on Money and Finance on June 6, 2019 Paul Tucker spoke on

"Unelected Power: Technocrats and Legitimacy."

Discussants: Marcel Fratzscher | President of DIW Berlin & Christoph Möllers | Humboldt University Berlin
Moderator: Hans-Helmut Kotz | SAFE Frankfurt & Center for European Studies, Harvard

Please find Mr. Tucker's presentation slides in the downlad section below.


About the DIW Lecture on Money and Finance

The DIW Lectures on Money and Finance bring together representatives of government, legislatures, the financial sector, think tanks, and academia to discuss how policy makers and monetary authorities can create policies and regulations that foster a more sustainable and stable financial system. Together with the speaker, we will debate questions revolving around crucial challenges for modern central banking, financial market regulation and stability and sustainability of financial systems.

The DIW Lecture on Money and Finance is organized by Hans-Helmut Kotz (Harvard University and SAFE Goethe University Frankfurt),  Lukas Menkhoff, and Dorothea Schäfer.


Dorothea Schäfer
Dorothea Schäfer

Research Director Financial Markets in the Communications Department