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SOEP-IS 2015.1 (data 1998-2015)

Dataset Information

TitleSOEP-Innovationssample (SOEP-IS), Daten der Jahre 1998-2015

DOI infoFind an explanation on the usage of DOI here.: 10.5684/
Collection period: 1998-2015
Publication date: 6. Juni 2017
Principal investigators: Jürgen Schupp, David Richter, Jan Goebel, Martin Kroh, Carsten Schröder, Elisabeth Liebau, Maria Metzing, Knut Wenzig

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SPSS English aedba737c79af15bd9d01ad23b3ecfc3
Stata German 5eb3d4b64a71bb753dd771003c37180d
Stata English 9c04041489d23690ac4fc80473bd754b

  • inclusion of person and household weights
  • correction of occupational prestige scores of respondents' parents in bioparen data set
  • minor label corrections in inno data set

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