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Perspectives on Resilience: Trait Resilience, Correlates of Resilience in Daily Life, and Longer‐Term Change in Affective Distress

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Elisabeth S. Blanke, Florian Schmiedek, Stefan Siebert, David Richter, Annette Brose

In: Stress and Health im Ersch. (2022), [online first: 22-05-23]


Resilience describes successful adaptation in the face of adversity, commonly inferred from trajectories of well‐being following major life events. Alternatively, resilience was conceptualised as a psychological trait, facilitating adaptation through stable individual characteristics. Both perspectives may relate to individual differences in how stress is regulated in daily life. In the present study, we combined these perspectives on resilience. Our sample consisted of N = 132 middle‐aged adults, who experienced major life events in between two waves of a longitudinal study. We implemented latent change regression models to predict change in affective distress. As predictors, we investigated trait resilience and correlates of resilience in daily life (stressor occurrence, stress reactivity, positive reappraisal, mindful attention, and acceptance), measured using experience sampling (T = 70 occasions). Unexpectedly, trait resilience was not associated with change in distress. In contrast, resilience correlates in daily life, most notably lower stress reactivity, were associated with more favourable change. Higher trait resilience related to higher average mindfulness, higher reappraisal, and lower negative affect. Overall, while trait resilience translated into everyday correlates of resilience, it was not predictive of changes in affective distress. Instead, precursors of changes in wellbeing may be found in correlates of resilience in daily life.

David Richter

Survey Manager SOEP-IS in the German Socio-Economic Panel study Department

Keywords: Experience sampling, major life events, mindfulness, multi‐level structural equation modelling, resilience
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