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Short- and Mid-Term Effects of a Parenting Program on Maternal Well-Being: Evidence for More and Less Advantaged Mothers

SOEPpapers 1062, 37 S.

Georg F. Camehl, C. Katharina Spieß, Kurt Hahlweg


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This paper evaluates how a light-touch parenting program for parents of children below school entry age affects maternal well-being. We first analyze data from a randomized controlled trial focusing on more advantaged parents. Second, we use a sample of mothers from deprived neighborhoods, for which we generate a control group using additional data. Overall, results show a relatively large positive effect of the intervention on maternal well-being, with the largest effects appearing three years after treatment for both groups, while less advantaged families also experience a well-being increase directly after treatment. Mechanisms are further explored.

JEL-Classification: I31;I26;J13;C21;C26
Keywords: Parenting Program, Family Well-being, Instrumental Variables, Triple P
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