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1859 Ergebnisse, ab 11
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Class Rank and Long-Run Outcomes

    This paper considers an unavoidable feature of the school environment, class rank. What are the long-run effects of a student's ordinal rank in elementary school? Using administrative data on all public-school students in Texas, we show that students with a higher third-grade academic rank, conditional on achievement and classroom fixed effects, have higher subsequent test scores, are more likely to ...

    In: The Review of Economics and Statistics (2023), im Ersch. [online first: 2021-10-15] | Jeffrey T. Denning, Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Overcoming Barriers to Service Access: Refugees’ Professional Support Service Utilization and the Impact of Human and Social Capital

    After arriving in a new country, refugees are typically dependent on professional support to re-establish their livelihood. However, it is well documented that refugees face barriers when seeking access to services aimed at facilitating their settlement. This study examines refugees’ support service needs, their actual utilization, and investigates the impact of social and human capital on service ...

    In: Journal of International Migration and Integration 24 (2023), S. 271–312 | Ellen Heidinger
  • SOEPpapers 1188 / 2023

    Intergenerational Scars: The Impact of Parental Unemployment on Individual Health Later in Life

    This paper studies whether individuals that experienced parental unemployment during their childhood/early adolescence have poorer health once they reach the adulthood. We used data from the German Socio-Economic Panel from 2002 until 2018. Our identification strategy of the causal effect of parental unemployment relied on plant closures as exogenous variation of the individual labor market condition. ...

    2023| Michele Ubaldi, Matteo Picchio
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Tuition Fees and Educational Attainment

    Following a landmark court ruling in 2005, more than half of Germany’s universities started charging tuition fees, which were later abolished in a staggered manner. We exploit the fact that even students who were already enrolled had to start paying fees. We show that fees increase study effort and degree completion among these students. However, fees also decrease first-time university enrollment ...

    In: European Economic Review 154 (2023), 104431, 28 S. | Jan Bietenbeck, Andreas Leibing, Jan Marcus, Felix Weinhardt
  • DIW Weekly Report 12/13 / 2023

    Working from Home Facilitates Stock Ownership

    In 2020, there were simultaneous increases in the number of private persons participating on the stock market as well as in the number of employees working from home. Indeed, working from home is a robust determinant of stock ownership and partially explains the increase in 2020, with households without children benefiting the most in this manner. Furthermore, the effect of working from home on stock ...

    2023| Lorenz Meister, Lukas Menkhoff
  • DIW Wochenbericht 12 / 2023

    Arbeitslosigkeit der Eltern von Grundschulkindern beeinträchtigt deren Bildungserfolg nachhaltig

    Wenn Eltern arbeitslos werden, hat das in mehrerlei Hinsicht Konsequenzen – nicht nur für sie selbst, sondern auch für ihr Umfeld. Dieser Bericht geht auf Basis von Daten des Sozio-oekonomischen Panels (SOEP) der Frage nach, welchen Einfluss die Arbeitslosigkeit von Eltern in der Grundschulphase ihrer Kinder auf deren Bildungsergebnisse hat. Dafür werden Bildungsverläufe von Kindern, von denen ein ...

    2023| Celina Tippmann, Felix Weinhardt
  • DIW Wochenbericht 12 / 2023

    Arbeitslosigkeit der Eltern ist für Kinder im Grundschulalter besonders schädlich: Interview

    2023| Felix Weinhardt, Erich Wittenberg
  • DIW Wochenbericht 13 / 2023

    Homeoffice erleichtert den Einstieg in den Aktienmarkt

    Das Jahr 2020 war durch eine sprunghafte Zunahme der Teilnahme von Privatpersonen am Aktienmarkt gekennzeichnet. Parallel waren auch deutlich mehr Erwerbstätige im Homeoffice. Tatsächlich ist die Nutzung von Homeoffice eine robuste Bestimmungsgröße für Aktienbesitz und erklärt einen Teil des Anstiegs im Jahr 2020. Vom Homeoffice profitieren in dieser Hinsicht vor allem Personen ohne Kinder im Haushalt. ...

    2023| Lorenz Meister, Lukas Menkhoff
  • DIW Wochenbericht 13 / 2023

    Homeoffice und flexiblere Zeitverwendung machen Einstieg in den Aktienmarkt attraktiver: Interview

    2023| Lorenz Meister, Erich Wittenberg
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Parental Leave Policy and Long-run Earnings of Mothers

    Paid parental leave schemes have been shown to increase women’s employment rates but to decrease their wages in case of extended leave duration. In view of these potential trade-offs, many countries are discussing the optimal design of parental leave policies. We analyze the impact of a major parental leave reform on mothers’ long-term earnings. The 2007 German parental leave reform replaced a means-tested ...

    In: Labour Economics 80 (2022), 102296, 13 S. | Corinna Frodermann, Katharina Wrohlich, Aline Zucco
1859 Ergebnisse, ab 11